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Fashions in Different Countries

People around the globe have used different cloths to define their identity. Indians are known for their distinctive Sari, Scots have the kilt, while southern Germany is home to the Tracht among many others. It is amazing how the fashion difference has persisted to the 21st century, with some garments being popular in some continents than others

bespoke suit, England

Before the advent of the sewing machine in the 18th century, every garment was made by hand. Tailors were keen to cut and sew exact fits for the ballooning population. England was notorious for the practice, with the West End in London being filled by tailors. The introduction of made-to-measure clothes may have affected the tradition but bespoke suits are still cherished in England and Finland.

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Tuxedo, United States

The signature black suit, white shirt, and black bow tie is a favourite fashion to many men. Although initially designated as an informal dress for the evening parties, most people are adopting the dress code even for official functions. The fashion originated in Europe where it is known by many names, including the black tie, dinner suit, or dinner jacket. However, it is now more common in America where it is called the tuxedo.

The Sari, India

The Sari is one of the simplest yet admirable clothing. The dress is simply a single piece of clothing that can be as long as 9 meters. It is also the most versatile clothing that can be draped in dozens of ways. All Indian communities recognise the Sari as their traditional dress that defines their identity.

Why we Should Dress Well and Clean

Most people do not realise the significance of dressing well and clean. They are either ignorant or have been conditioned by culture to act the way they do. Unknown to them, they miss numerous opportunities simply because they are not presentable.

1. People judge others by the way they are dressed- You might be a good speaker but fail to lure the audience simply because you are shaggy. Most people believe that you cannot talk anything important if you cannot take care of your appearance.

2. Increasing your Perceived Status - Our society is visually biased and people dressed well tend to get better treatment. It is therefore worth caring for your appearance if you expect to gain respect from your peers.

3. Dressing well speaks responsibility -- you may not have noticed it but caring for your looks makes you more responsible. This is one of the traits used by interviewers when selecting candidates for a given position.

How Having a tailored Suit Help in Business

Suits are some of the versatile fashions used today. They are widely accepted as official outfits especially in the business world. However, ready-made suits are often unfitting which makes the wearer look unprofessional. The alternative is to get a bespoke suit carefully cut and sewn to size. Tailored suits also give you the opportunity to choose the material you like so you can look more presentable. With a bespoke suit, you can direct the tailor how to make the collar and pockets to highlight your unique style. This earns you more respect in your work place.